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Trent Cross Country Update

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

Results Trent XC 2011
- Queens Univ XC Kingston, Sept 10th:
It was a day of firsts for the 2011 Trent Cross Country team at the Queens Invitational race this past Saturday – the first time a relay format was used in the OUAs; the first time Trent fielded four full teams, even the first time the race was held in warm weather.
Each runner ran a 5 Km loop, then handed off to the next runner. The top team was the Trent women’s ‘Green’ team, led by Tay Sills’ sizzling 20 min .07 second run, closely followed by Carrie Van Hie’s 20:12 time. With Kayte Kowal and Hannah Lynch, the team placed 7th of 12.
“That result indicates a turnaround in Trent’s fortune,” said coach Dave Kervin, in that we have a number of good early results to build on.”
The ‘White’ team of Alannah Drake, Hanna Mae Silk , Monica Farlowe and Bukki Adejobi was 11th.
The mens’ sides saw 20 teams, with Trent Green finishing 10th. Connor Bolton blazed a 17 min 15 second time, followed by Nick Borek’s 17:56, and Dan Cain’s 18:07. Ian Boyce rounded out the squad.
The mens’ White of Brodi Robinson, Francis Dobri, Matt Forget, and Vincenzo Minicucci was 18th.
131 Trent University A1 Carrie Van Hie Female 20:13:00
Trent University A2 Kayte Koual Female 21:53:00
Trent University A3 Hannah Lynch Female 22:54:00
Trent University A4 Taylor Sills Female 20:09:00
7Th of 12 teams
146 Trent University A1 Alannah Drake Female 23:28:00
Trent University A2 Hannah Mae Silk Female 24:54:00
Trent University A3 Monica Farlowe Female 24:03:00
Trent University A4 Bukki Adejobi Female 26:56:00
11th of 12 teams
157 Trent University A1 Dan Cain Male 18:02:00
Trent University A2 Ian Boyce Male 19:00:00
Trent University A3 Nick Borek Male 17:54:00
Trent University A4 Connor Bolton Male 17:15:00
10th of 20 teams
140 Trent University B1 Brodi Robinson Male 19:40:00
Trent University B2 Francis Dobri Male 20:38:00
Trent University B3 Matt Forget Male 25:13:00
Trent University B4 Vinny Minucucci Male 21:03:00 86:34:00
18th of 20 reams
 - Vic Mathews Open  Guelph, October 16th
In probably the top race ever run on the former national championship course at the Arboretum, the champions came out in full force with Olympians and national champions leading the way. In windy and rainy conditions, the weather gave the athletes the full ‘cross country experience’, as wind gusted up to 80 km an hour.
163 Connor Bolton
175 Dan Cain
193 Jacob Misiek
197 Ian Boyce
207 Brodi Robinson
141 Hannah Lynch
143 Alannah Drake
149 Kira Youngblutt
153 Monica Farlow
165 Caitlyn Lynch
166 Melissa Zubrickas
167  shka Wright
Brock Open: St Catherines
Men (7.3km)
Dan Cain - 32nd - 27.44
Jacob Misiek - 35th - 27.51
Ian Boyce - 45th - 29.29
Brodi Robinson - 52nd - 31.12
Francis Dobri - 53rd - 31.45
Women (4.3km)
Taylor Sills - 15th - 17.05
Hannah Lynch - 35th - 19.21
Kira Youngblutt - 36th - 19.27
Logan Sills - 38th - 19.46
Monica Farlow - 42nd - 20.23
Caitlyn Lynch - 44th - 21.22
Melissa Zubriskas - 46th - 21.42
Nishka Wright - 50th - 22.26c

Posted by Admin at 1:50 pm on 22/11/2011 in Cross Country | Perma link

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