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2012 Trent University Girls Showcase Soccer Tournament: May 5 & 6

Friday, April 20th, 2012

Trent University will host the 2012 Trent University Girls Soccer Showcase Tournament on May 5 and 6, 2012 featuring some of the top U16 and U17 players in the Province.  This tournament is one of the earliest outdoor soccer showcase tournaments, and is jointly hosted by the East Central Ontario Soccer Association (ECOSA) and the Trent University Women’s Soccer Varsity Program. 

This tournament is designed to provide an opportunity for elite athletes born in 1995 and 1996 to display their talents in a highly competitive environment.  The Showcase Tournament is directed at players who wish to further their soccer careers and education at an accredited Canadian institution.  Coaches from eleven Canadian Universities (Bishops, Brock, Laurentian, Nipissing, Ryerson, Trent, University of Toronto, UOIT, Wilfrid Laurier, York University) and three Community Colleges (Durham, Seneca, and SSFC) will be scouting teams for potential varsity athletes. 

All participating teams will provide player profile books, which will be available to coaches throughout the duration of the tournament. 

Green Division Teams              White Division Teams

Richmond Hill                            Brams United

Erin Mills B                               Etobicoke Energy

Erin Mills C                               Erin Mills B 1996

Toronto Lady Lynx                     Norwest Wildcats

Markham Lightning

St. Catharines Jets


Saturday May 5th  

8:00 -    9:20     Richmond Hill vs Lady Lynx

9:20 -  10:40     Erin Mills B vs Markham Lightning

10:40 -  12:00    Erin Mills C vs vs St. Catharines Jets

12:00 – 1:00      Coaches Discussion

1:00 -    2:20     Brams United vs Norwest Wildcats

 2:20 -    3:40     Etobicoke Energy vs Erin Mills B 1996

 3:40 –   5:00     Richmond Hill vs Markham Lightning

 5:00 –   6:20     Erin Mills C vs  Lady Lynx

 6:20 –   7:40     Erin Mills B vs St. Catharines Jets

* A University tour will be available at 12:00

Sunday May 6th  

8:00 -    9:20    Brams United vs Erin Mills B 1996

9:20 -  10:40    Etobicoke Energy vs Northwest Wildcats

10:40 -  12:00    Richmond Hill vs Erin Mills B

12:00 -   1:20    Erin Mills C vs Markham Lightning

1:20 -    2:40    Lady Lynx vs St. Catharines Jets

2:40 –   4:00    Brams United  vs Etobicoke Energy

4:00 –   5:20    Erin Mills B 1996 vs Norwest Wildcats

For further information please contact Trent Women's Varsity Soccer coach Joe Muldoon (

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