From offense to defense, at all ends of the field, three Trent men’s lacrosse players were named Canadian University Field Lacrosse All Canadians! 

Bowmanville native, Garrett Eddy, was named an All Canadian at the attack position. He tied for 5th in league points with 36 goals, 11 assists.

Whitby native, Nick Karam, was named an All Canadian at the midfield position. He finished 4th in league points, and first on the Excalibur with 16 goals, 33 assists. 

Another Whitby native, Jonathan Leclerc, was named as All Canadian at the long stick midfield position. He was a wild boar on ground balls and became an opposing team’s nightmare.  

Peterborough native, Travis Ferguson, faceoff, and Oshawa native, Pat McCrory, defense, were named honorable mentions.