Events this Week:

Saturday, September 15

WSoccer: Trent Excalibur vs Ryerson – 1:00pm

WRugby: Trent Excalibur @ Laurier – 7:15pm

MRugby: Trent Excalibur @ Waterloo – 4:00pm

WLax: Trent Excalibur @ University of Toronto – East – 10:15am & 1:45pm

MLax: Trent Excalibur vs Bishops – 6:30pm


Sunday, September 16

WSoccer: Trent Excalibur vs University of Toronto – 1:00pm

MLax: Trent Excalibur vs Nipissing – 4:00pm


The Excalibur men's lacrosse team gears up for a new season starting this weekend with two games at the Justin Chiu Stadium. They first face off against Bishops University on Saturday then against Nipissing on Sunday. These will be the men's first games with a new head coach. Geoff McKinley stepped down from the position at the end of last season and it has since been taken up by last year's assistant coach and long-time player and coach, Mark Farthing. The team anticipates an exciting season with prospects of a championship on the horizon.

Our women's lacrosse team plays in Toronto this weekend, first playing Queen's, then against UofT. Last weekend, after winning their first match against Western and making an incredible comeback in their second, making Laurier hustle for their win that went all the way to the last minute of play before Laurier's tie-breaking goal, the women proved they've got the skill and fighting ambition to dominate the pitch at the upcoming conference.

With their first win under their belt from last weekend, the women's soccer team will be looking for the same prowess in their upcoming home games against Ryerson and UofT.

The Excalibur men's rugby team has had a rocky start to their season but intends to push past the set back and will take on Waterloo on Saturday as they continue their tour on the road. Meanwhile, the women's rugby team is fresh from a weekend off and is eager to up their win streak in their game against the Laurier Golden Hawks.