Stuart Robertson Takes Over Women's Soccer Program


Stuart Robertson has been the Head Coach of the Trent Excalibur Men's Soccer Program since 2009, and now will head up both the Men's and Women's teams as he takes the reigns of Women's program from Joe Muldoon, who recently retired.


Coaches Robertson and Muldoon would often run thoughts by each other in their seasons managing each program, but the Fall of 2016 saw Robertson to begin to take on a more significant role. Coach Muldoon welcomed the added point of view, and felt that this was a good opportunity to pass the reigns on in an official capacity. Coach Robertson has worked at the club level for a number of years with female athletes in roles as Head Coach and Technical Director for Darlington SC, as well as recently being part of the staff leading Ontario's League 1 Darby FC.


It is his experience working with elite level female athletes, paired with his already established role with the Trent Excalibur family that made it an easy decision when Coach Muldoon expressed his intentions of retiring. "Coach Robertson has deep ties to the soccer community in this region, and that was important in how we see our soccer programs developing" stated Trent University Athlete Development Coordinator Alex Bridal. "With almost 30 years of coaching experience, we are very excited for the future of both our men's and women's programs", Bridal added.


Stuart Robertson has been coaching for almost 3 decades, earning a number of accreditations and certifications along the way including CSA National "B" License, NSCAA Advanced National Diploma, and is an OSA Learning Facilitator.


For more information contact:

Alex Bridal, athlete development coordinator, Trent University Athletics, or 705-748-1011 X6278